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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Candy from Me to One of You

Some of you may be wondering "what's 'blog candy'?" I'm clueless who coined the term, but it's used here, there, and everywhere by different bloggers who have something to give away in exchange for comments on their blogs.

One of the terrific dialysis techs at my clinic (Gordon) occasionally draws a sketch of something in the most unlikely places like the back of another tech's lab coat. One day, I saw Elvis zoom past, riding high on the back of Don's shoulders. I called Don over and said, "I know you throw out those coats at the end of the day, but I want that sketch!" I brought it home, scanned it, then started making cards I call "The Elvis Collection" with Elvis's song titles or lines as the inside sentiments. (All with Gordon's blessing, of course!)

Courtesy of Simply Stated and Gordon Greene, I'll draw one name from all of those who post a comment telling me their favorite color (or colors), and send the winner a box of ten Elvis cards and envelopes. I'll pick the winning name on Thursday, 13 Nov, and let everyone know who the lucky person is! [I told you this blog was just for fun!]

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  1. OK, I like reading your blogs. I am going
    to try to send you one. Hope I do it right
    this time.