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Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!

Although the previous entry shows no comments, I did receive 4 comments privately. Had I received any "official" comments (at the blog), I would have only chosen a winner from those, but because there were none, the winner was chosen from the private comments. Clear as mud?

And the winner is...Wendy J. in Michigan!! Congratulations, Wendy! Because I already have your snail mail address, I'll be sending your Elvis Collection notecards shortly!

Many have noted that they aren't sure how to post a comment at the blog, so I'm going to go through that now.

As you're reading this, glance down to the bottom of the post. See the where it says: POSTED BY JEANIE AT [the time]? See the word COMMENTS directly to the right of the time?

--Click on the word COMMENTS and a new window appears that says Post a Comment On: Simply Stated.
--Type your comment in the box on the right hand side.
--Next select your identity. Most likely, the only two choices under identity that fit you are either Name/URL or Anonymous.
--Select the radio button, for your identity choice and fill in the appropriate info.
--You are welcome to leave a comment anonymously, but if it's a Blog Candy give-away, it might be hard to give you your gift if you win and I don't know who you are.
--Click on the Orange Button to submit your comment.

I hope this helps!!

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