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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Candy Alert

Seems I've been a blogging fool the last few days. That's the advantage of Blogging Without Obligation...I blog when I have something to say.

It's always the right time for Blog Candy, though. This time I'm offering a set of notecards I like to call my Chocolate Series. Pccrafter.com distributed a set of graphics by Beth Yarbrough which included a cool frame that looks like a box of assorted chocolates. It inspired me to research the web for catchy quotes about chocolate (a very renal unfriendly substance which I eat in moderation). I found more than ten cool quotes, but limited the set to ten notecards. Perhaps one day, I'll have to make a sequel! A favorite quote that's included in the set is:
Forget love--I'd rather fall in chocolate!
Leave a comment by clicking on the word COMMENTS, and I'll draw a name from all of those who comment here at the blog. (If you need further info about commenting, read "How-to Post a Comment" in the right column.) Because more and more people are able to post here at the blog with my instructions, I'll only choose Blog Candy winners from those who comment at the blog by 30 Nov 2008.


  1. Hi Jeanie,

    I love chocolate and have cut way down on it recently, although I did not know it was "very renal." I didn't use that phrase, however I really do like it! I also love the chocolate frame, and I would love to use it for sending notes to my friends and favorite relations, or even not-so-favorite, because those blog-candy notes, as chocolate, would definitely build bridges and, dare I say-- break down walls. Dad could enjoy one too, despite his diabetes! Can you tell I want to win the contest?

    Love and hugs and feral kitty purrs,


  2. Jeanie, I just love reading your blog. But I don't know how you have the time to do everything that you do!! Diane Arthurs

  3. Hi Mom,

    Stopped by for a visit. I too,love reading your blog :)I would also like to say, that I was a lucky reciprocate of a box of the Chocolate Series notecards...I love them so much, I haven't yet been able to part with any of them!

    I love you.


  4. Hi Reen~

    Actually, I was trying to point out that chocolate is "renal unfriendly" as opposed to "renal friendly" <---stuff that I can have. In other words, I have to limit my chocolate intake, too! ~js.

  5. Hi Pine~

    Well, I guess if you're the winner, you'll have a double set of notecards, so you can keep one set, and part with the other! ~mom.

  6. Hi Diane~

    Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting here! I'm not sure I really do have time for all that I do, and that's probably a big reason I tend to run behind! ~js.

  7. Hi--I think there are thousand's who like chocolate..Here are some words from a coaster i have...COFFEE, CHOCOLATE & MEN ARE SO MUCH BETTER WHEN RICH....anyway, my sister gave it to me several years ago as a joke. I enjoy your Blog, and, am so glad I can comment now...

  8. Hi Donna~

    I'm also so glad you can comment at my blog now! And this means your name along with any others who post here by 30 Nov (that's tomorrow) will be in the running for my box of Chocolate notecards! I love the chocolate quote you shared! I've seen it before, but it is not included in my collection. It would definitely been in the sequel, if there ever is one! So glad you like the blog!~js.

  9. Hi Jeanie,

    Oh- sorry, wasn't clear! I saying that I didn't know that chocolate was bad for the kidneys, so it was an added bonus of cutting down. Less sugar, fat, and calories and less bad effect on kidneys, and it was a lucky coincidence!

    I enjoy your blog.