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Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Lucky-13!

Here she is, the Birthday Girl.

June 8, 2011 marked one year since we found a tiny little kitten under our deck steps. We call the 8th her birthday because as close as we can figure she was newly born hours before we heard her incessant crying and eventually brought her indoors to baby, nurture, and love.

Now, the pocket on the tee-shirt I'm wearing is clearly too small for Lucky to squeeze into like she did around June 10th, last year. You can see she is a small cat, but she continues to gain and is solid muscle.

It's been an adventure, and Lucky still believes she rules the roost. She's always ready for a game of chase with any of the other cats whether they're in the mood or not.

Her most endearing quality at this time is the way she jumps up on the bed as soon as Floyd turns in for the night and begins padding with both her front and back paws. She purrs loudly while she rhythmically kneads the blanket. We call it Paddy Paws or Paddy Purrs. She moves around as she pads and puts her face near Floyd's showing that all is right with Lucky's world.

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!

Below are more shots of her taken this month.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lucky aka Harriet Potter.

  2. Heh-heh! You remembered the other name we said we could have called her! As I write, she's lounging on her little, pink, princess pillow in the sunlight by the back door. Love that little kitty-cat!!

  3. Happy birthday Lucky! She definitely doesn't fit in your pocket now :)

  4. @MamaEve: Nope, she sure doesn't. I wonder if she could fit in one of Captain Kangaroo's big, ol' pockets (from my childhood TV viewing days)?

  5. Happy Birthday, Lucky 13 (although Harriet Potter does fit!) Can't believe it's only been a year! What an adventure for all of you!

  6. Hi Jeannie. So glad you played in our CDS blog hop today. Good Luck.

  7. Test.

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    So, I'm trying to figure out if this will let me post a comment.

    Here goes...