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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, Whadda Ya Know?

I recently learned a piece of exciting information about the newest member of our family.

As you see here, she is a beautiful Tortoiseshell cat in shades of black and gold. Notice her paws: the front left is gold, while the right front is black. Her back left paw (not shown) is black, while her back right paw is gold. I just think that's so cool. She is perfectly balanced, but not symmetrical!

Her eyes are also golden and usually, very serious. We "inherited" this sweet, affectionate kitty when we lost my dear, former brother-in-law, Art, and she needed a good home. Originally, she was my former mother-in-law's cat. When Grandma passed away, she lived with Grandpa till his passing, then with Art. I had heard her name many, many times over the years, and even "met" her during my visits to Grandpa.

But until yesterday, I'd never seen her name spelled out and mistakenly assumed it was spelled: J-U-L-I-E. When she came to live with us, I began calling her Miss Julie-Jewels because she is such a jewel of a cat. Loving, well-behaved, well-mannered, never a bother!

Yesterday, Pine showed me the Christmas card Grandpa had written her in 2001. In among the other treasures contained in his handwriting, there it was...the CORRECT spelling of her name: J-E-W-E-L-Y. Grandma & Grandpa obviously saw what a jewel of a kitten she was when they brought her home some eight years ago.

So, it's now official, she is Jewely, a.k.a., Miss Jewely-Jewels, Baby Girl, Sweet Girl, and who knows how many more names she'll earn over the coming years!

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  1. What a treat to see a picture this morning of the comfortable jewel of a feline! Thank Your!--Elii