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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How 'Bout Them Democrats?

Last night's opening of the Democratic National Convention was a breath of fresh air! I love the positive, upbeat tone each speaker projected and the way they looked to the future, as opposed to re-hashing the past or mudslinging. The overall goal to improve the lives of all Americans, not just a select few, dominated the evening.

Caroline Kennedy's introduction of her Uncle Teddy would have made her father, mother, and brother proud. And Ted Kennedy's powerful speech in support of Barack Obama was especially touching in light of his recent brain surgery and continuing battle with brain cancer. The risk he took to travel from Massachusetts to Denver and deliver his speech were apparently inconsequential to him compared to his commitment to being at the DNC and showing support for his candidate.

My favorite part was Michelle Obama's heartfelt and inspiring speech supporting her husband. Her easy-going, down-to-earth style makes her seem like a woman who might live up the street from me--something I've never felt about any other First Lady or potential First Lady.

I think the DNC is off to a great start!!


  1. Hi Jeanie
    I was glued to the tv too and very impressed with Michelle's speech. It was long but kept me completely interested. I liked it best when she said we should treat people with respect even if we don't agree with them. She made some very good points and was, as you say, a breath of fresh air. She's down to earth and I can't imagine her redecorating the White House with seemingly unlimited U.S. $$$$. Diane Arthurs

  2. Hi Diane~

    I certainly appreciate your comment on my post! I think it's interesting to note that you are Canadian, and still you watched the convention! Of course, with the U.S. and Canada being next door neighbors, it's only wise that you keep an eye on what we're doing down here...hugs, ~jeanie.

  3. I just thought I'd add that the Kennedy's are a down to earth group, as well. Just a few examples, because the family is huge: When Caroline was a Harvard student she lived in an ordinary apartment in Somerville. When her brother John visited they ate in a hole-in-the wall Chinese restaurant near Fresh Pond. When my grandmother gave what was known at the time as a "ladies' tea" for Jack when he ran for congress the first time, he was found after a brief search sitting at the kitchen table-- actually drinking a cup of tea with Nanna Claire. Joe, the former congressman who works to provide affordable heating for those who cannot afford it on their own, used to eat at the Pig and Whistle diner in Brighton; don't hurry over there folks, as they have closed-- very unfortunate.