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Friday, August 15, 2008

Desert Sunrises

Since the end of May or early June, my hubby and I have been up daily before the sun to walk around our property. After we measured the distance of one circuit, we added a seventh lap, which increased the total distance walked to two miles. As of 16 June, we've walked two miles seven days a week. This has turned out to be great exercise with benefits! Being up and out so early means we are able to take in beautiful sunrises every day.

Looking east toward the Argus Range in the background,
mid-July 2008.

Other benefits we've gained by walking daily is a ten pound weight loss for me, over a thirty pound loss for my DH, a general feeling of well being, and a strong sense of accomplishment.

Another eastward shot.

This photo to the west shows
a well known, local landmark, Five Fingers, highlighted by sunlight.

As one season folds into the next, we'll need to adapt our walking schedule accordingly and no doubt we'll walk after the sun has risen to avoid the early morning chill of fall and winter. In the meantime, one of the best things about our walking routine as it is right now is enjoying the glorious desert sunrises!


  1. I miss seeing The Five Fingers every day, but I have a beautiful pic to look at now!

  2. Oklahoma has awesome sunsets, but I've yet to see anything that matches Five Fingers. If you keep walking, perhaps I can lose a few pounds by proxy!

  3. Walking seems to be an extremely popular form of morning exercise in Malmö, Sweden, too. Whenever I get my sleepy butt out on a run in the morning, I usually see eight to ten walkers for every one runner. Whenever I go down the same path along the seashore in the afternoon, however, there are plenty of runners.

  4. Those pictures are amazing! Believe it or not, I have seen Five Fingers from the back side. A couple of years ago my Aunt Annell and I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Walker's Pass to the back of Five Fingers. It was so much fun! The view was awesome looking down into the valley.