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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Pacific Winds Project

Floyd's year began on a high note when the Carpenter's Union called him back to work on another wind farm project in the region. He was happy to be out working again with a new company, Mortenson Construction from Minnesota. His portion of the project lasted through the end of March.Early each weekday morning, we were up around 4:00 to have coffee, a little breakfast, and make his lunch, so he could leave here in time to meet his carpooling buddy. They drove about an hour and a half to the wind farm site west of Rosamond, CA (between Mojave and Lancaster).After an eight hour day of hoisting, lugging, pounding to set up or tear down concrete forms, they made the drive home. The following photos show Floyd's portion of the project: setting & stripping forms on the underground foundation that supports each windmill.
 The underground pad with 50 tons of re-bar in place.
 Floyd's forms in place and 
  1.4 million pounds (400 cu. yds.) concrete has been poured.
 Stripping the 18-inch x 16 foot forms.
Each foundation pad has eight sides with 2-16' forms per side.
 The underground foundation with all the forms stripped.
The whole concrete pad measures 55 feet in diameter with the center section
of 18 feet in diameter and 144 bolts which connect to the tower.
 A completed windmill with a Joshua Tree in the foreground.
Note: At the base of the windmill tower only 6-inches of
the underground foundation remains exposed..

Floyd arrived home ready for dinner and happy tired.

All is good!

(more about the project can be found by clicking on the title above)



  1. This could make for so many interesting science and math real-world exploration questions for middle school and high school students!! Photos, Videos, blue prints, energy use and collection data sets, material and man power cost could all be used to construct some fantastic, engaging curriculum.

    1. Hi, Elii~ Floyd has a bundle of info here that he can send you if you'd lIke to do some curriculum building using the resources. Just let us know! xoxox

  2. These are very interesting on how they make this project. I am glad that Floyd has a part in them..

    1. I know! It all fascinates me!! And, it's good, Green work!

  3. I had no idea there was so much underneath those things! That is awesome-hard work. Glad you shared that. Tell Floyd Kudo's