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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Michelle Zindorf Beginning Brayer Workshop

If you run your eyes down the right hand margin of this blog, you'll see one of *my* favorite blogs is Michelle Zindorf's at Split Coast Stampers. Why? Because Michelle is Queen of the Brayers and is a card artist extraordinaire. From the Dayton, OH area, she began teaching her brayer technique at Marco's Paper, and I wished, wished, wished I lived near Marco's. (I have to admit, I'd wished that before I ever knew who Michelle was, too, because Marco's is a paper lover's dream come true.)

As time went by and her blog became more popular (currently it's clocking approximately 8,000 hits a day, I believe she said), more and more stampers began asking her to come to their area to teach her classes. The first time I saw a California location on her growing list of workshops, I **seriously** played with the idea of making the 8-hour trip (one-way) to Santa Rosa or wherever it was being offered.

Last fall when I spotted RIVERSIDE, CA on her list, I jumped for joy!! Riverside is in my own backyard!! (Only 2-1/2 hours away, one-way.) I contacted a couple of stamping friends to see if they'd like to join me. One was able to, the other had plans to go to Europe to visit her family. We mailed our registration money, got our confirmation from Michelle, and everything was lined up...all but the waiting, waiting, waiting.

FINALLY, on Saturday, May 1st, Sandy and I set out for Riverside, and brayering with the Queen. It was a fabulous workshop. Michelle is a wonderful teacher. She has a delightful, warm style as she works with her students. Her workshops are the ultimate in organization and pre-planning. I thought, my gosh, she's a perfectionist just like me {blush}. (Later on, I found out her birth date is 31 Aug. Ah-ha! I thought. A Virgo...just like me. Well, no wonder!) The two cards here were made at the workshop! And yes, I made them. (I know, I can hardly believe it myself.)

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  1. Wow! It didn't take you long to catch on. Those cards are really cool. I'm so glad you got the opportunity to go. Love ya-Carol

  2. Kjempegreit!!! ('terrific' in Norwegian) ;)