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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chasing Windmills

Happy Spring!

Following are photos I took at the Kiewit Family Day this past January. While on tour of the work site (before the yummy BBQ and winning our new TV), we were able to witness the rotors added to a windmill tower. A truly amazing sight considering the towers stand approximately 340 feet, and the diameter of the rotors is 253 feet. Most interesting to me in these shots is the comparison to the size of the men in the photos. Talk about ants.

For more info about and to view more photos of Kiewit Pacific's Pine Tree Wind Project (Farm), click on the title of this blog entry.


  1. Hi Jeanie! Yes, really 'kewl' photos. It is awesome that Floyd gets to be part of such a project-part of our future! Good for California, Kiewit Pacific, and all others involved in renewable energy and freeing us from oil. Like your blog-I'd like to think more people will choose to live more simple lives of enjoying simple pleasures and help to lessen our consumerism. Yes
    We Can! Do our part. Even if we can't chase down those humongous windmills.~~~Carol

  2. Fantastic pics, Jeanie.
    Exciting to see projects dedicated to green energy.

    Funny about Jewely the cat. Very cute!

    Love ya, ds

  3. Oh WOW!! I would NOT like to be that orange guy up there waiting for the blades to attach. EEEKS!! :) That's so neat that you got these photos. Really puts the size comparison into perspective!

  4. Yes, those blades are totally amazing. i didnot know they are as big as they are, I am amazed!!!!And, such a beautiful cat, you JEWELY>>>
    Donna Rowe