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Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Good to Be True?

The company Floyd’s now working for, Kiewit Pacific, held its annual Family Day on Saturday, January 10th. Floyd, his mom, and I drove 15 miles up Jawbone Canyon and parked our car in the business office area. Then we rode on a school bus to different areas of the Pine Tree Wind Project. We were able to see 64 of 80 windmills that they’ve already put up including watching them put the rotor on a tower. (Read all about that in a future blog entry.)

Next, we were treated to a wonderful BBQ which included barbequed tri-tip, pork, or chicken; macaroni and cheese; potato salad; coleslaw; baked beans; cornbread; rolls; and frosted brownies for dessert. YUM-O!

After that, the raffle began. Each person received one raffle ticket upon arrival, and only one prize was allowed per family. They were giving away $5,000 worth of prizes including electronics, tools, gift cards, and toys. We sat and watched Floyd’s co-workers winning all sorts of things. Next was one of the Grand Prizes: a Sanyo 32” flat screen TV. I heard them say One-Eight-Eight and flew out of my chair and up to the front. 188 was MY number! It seemed too good to be true. But it was! I won the TV! Tooooo Coooooool!

Me & my TV


  1. I am so happy for you Jeanie. What a wonderful prize. Hope you'll let Floyd watch some tv with you :-) Diane Arthurs

  2. Hi Diane~

    Oh, I will!! Floyd & I had been discussing the upgrade to a flat screen TV and planned to buy one within the next few months. Now, we'll have the cash for something else. We think of winning the TV as a team effort: we had the opportunity because of Floyd's employment with the company, and I had the right ticket! ~js.

  3. Yeah, now you are HD ready!! How fabulous to win and something that you really want/need.
    PS. Love you much and see you in a few days....

  4. Hi jeanie, i think thats too awesome about winning that tv. Im surprised you didnt tell me all about it on monday. That would have made a wonderful conversation piece. Now you will have a really good piture when your watching mc dreamy, or matty lol congrats if any one deserves it its you & floyd
    c-ya soon :) tonya
    p.s. computer skills are not that great but i must say you were my first blog he he

  5. Well, what a neat thing that was to win a TV.
    It also sounded like a very nice day. So glad that Julia was able to go with the two of you...DJRowe

  6. WOW, I'm jealous. We're going to get one this year. I don't know if you heard, Bubba is working on base now :) Yay! He left a message for Floyd awhile back, not sure if they have talked though. If not, tell Floyd to give him a call in the evening (after 6) when he has a chance. Talk to you soon.

  7. Very very cool. We need to have a movie/popcorn day!! -ds
    BTW this is my first blog experience.

  8. :) WOW! I've never won anything like that b4. Mostly just windex or a roll of paper towels on lucky number day at Bi-Mart, heehee, and even that is very few and far between! HURRAY for YOU!!